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Resources for Your Presentation

Don't let PowerPoint be the death of your presentation.  Give an engaging and memorable presentation by preparing early and following some simple guidelines.  Here are some helpful links to help you give a powerful presentation:

Presenting at the AGIC Education & Training Symposium

Before the conference:

  • Register for the conference. Speakers are responsible for their conference registration.  (Exceptions made for keynote speakers)
  • Presentations are not sales pitches or advertisements.* It's fine to show how you used a particular product for a project, but your presentation should not come across as a sales pitch or advertisement for a particular product or company. *There are two exceptions for this: the Exhibitor Lightning Round and Platinum or Gold Sponsor presentation during lunch 
  • All rooms will be equipped with both a video projector and a laptop. The laptops will be configured with Windows 10, Office 2016, ArcGIS 10.6.1 (or higher), ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2 (or higher), Internet Explorer, and Chrome. They will be connected to the hotel's Wi-Fi. If you need any special accommodations for your presentation, please be sure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
  • Projectors support both standard 4:3 aspect and widescreen 16:9 aspect.  
  • Upload your presentation by noon on September 27, 2019. To ensure we have all presentations ready to go, we are asking all presenters to upload a copy of their presentation. If you want to make changes to your presentation after it is uploaded, simply bring the final, updated version with you to the conference on a thumb-drive. Then arrive in your presentation room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the full session (i.e. if you are 2nd or 3rd presenter, you MUST arrive 10 minutes prior to the first presentation in your session).  See "At the conference" below.
  • If you plan on doing a live demo, it is highly advisable to have a backup PowerPoint with screenshots, just in case. The conference rooms are all equipped with the hotel's Wi-Fi. In the past this has not been much of an issue, but we advise you to be prepared in case it is. We also suggest you do a test run of your live demo somewhere in the conference area while connected to the hotel's Wi-Fi. Be mindful that your presentation time is limited and will be enforced.
  • If you need hotel accommodations, be sure to reserve your room early as the conference hotel fills quickly.
  • Have your presentation ready and any handouts printed up prior to the conference.
  • Check the agenda to make sure you know when and where your presentation is scheduled.
  • Best Practice Recommendations:
    • Practice, practice, practice! Rehearse your presentation. It's a good idea to video yourself rehearsing so that you can see how you are doing and make adjustments accordingly.
    • If you are preparing a PowerPoint, use the notes feature to provide the details of your talk (script) and consider using Presenter View during your presentation. The notes feature is also very beneficial to providing context for your presentation when it is distributed afterwards in the conference proceedings.

At the conference:

  • All presentations will be on one computer, in order to quickly transition between speakers. 
  • Arrive at your designated room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session to confirm that your presentation has been saved to the laptop and meet your moderator.
  • If you have an updated presentation, bring a copy of the final, updated version on a thumb drive. Then be sure to arrive in your presentation room early and let your moderator know you need to replace your presentation on the laptop.
  • There will be a moderator assigned to each presentation session (except hands-on workshops and technical sessions).  Be sure to let your moderator know if you have any special needs.
  • If you are teaching a Hands-On Workshop - you will have a room monitor to assist with seating registered attendees. The computer labs are limited to 15 (Arizona room) or 18 (Chino/Prescott room) computers and attendees must be pre-registered to attend your workshop. Your room monitor will check in people as they arrive. Any seats still vacant 5 minutes after you start your workshop will be given to those who did not get a reserved spot and are on the waiting list. 

During your presentation:

  • Your moderator will introduce you using the bio that you provided with your abstract submission. For Lightning Round presentations, because of the time limitation, you will simply be introduced with your name and title of your presentation. Hands-on workshop and technical session instructors will not have a moderator and are expected to introduce themselves to their attendees as one would when teaching.
  • Be time-aware.  For standard 25 minute presentations, your moderator will let you know when you have 5 minutes left in your session. You will be given 25 minutes, which includes time for questions.  If you run short on time, let the audience know that you can take questions after the full session is completed (after the last presenter in the session is done). 
  • When asked a question, repeat it before you answer so that everyone in the audience can hear what was asked.  
  • Lightning round speakers will be given a warning when they have just 2 minutes remaining in their talk. Because lightning rounds are very limited on time, it is highly advisable to practice and time yourself prior to presenting. 

After the conference:

  • If you brought handouts or other materials to your presentation that were not provided before-hand, please provide us copies so that they can be included in the conference proceedings. Submitting a PowerPoint with your presentation script included in the notes section for each slide is extremely helpful for attendees. You may also choose to submit a script or separate narrative/report of your presentation.
  • Upload the final version of your presentation (if you made last minute changes). This will be made available online for the conference proceedings. A link will be provided to you.