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Presenting at the AGIC Education & Training Symposium

Before the conference:

  • Register for the conference. While there is no fee to attend this event, registration is still required for all attendees.
  • Presentations are not sales pitches or advertisements. It's fine to show how you used a particular product for a project, but your presentation should not come across as a sales pitch or advertisement for a particular product or company. 
  • All presenters will be required to attend a training session that will cover:
    • Use of the WebEx virtual technology
    • Working with your moderator
    • Connecting to the Virtual technology
  • Check the agenda to make sure you know when and where your presentation is scheduled.
  • Best Practice Recommendations:
    • Read through the resources listed above
    • Practice, practice, practice! Rehearse your presentation. It's a good idea to video yourself rehearsing so that you can see how you are doing and make adjustments accordingly.
    • If you are preparing a PowerPoint, use the notes feature to provide the details of your talk (script) and consider using Presenter View during your presentation. The notes feature is also very beneficial to providing context for your presentation when it is distributed afterwards in the conference proceedings.

During your presentation:

  • Your moderator will introduce you using the bio that you provided with your abstract submission. For Lightning Round presentations, because of the time limitation, you will simply be introduced with your name and title of your presentation. Technical session instructors will have a moderator to assist with the WebEx technology. 
  • Be time-aware.  For standard 20 minute presentations you should plan to speak for 18 minutes and allow 2 minutes for transitioning to/from your presentation. Questions and comments will be handled after the full 60-minute session. Each presenter will have a virtual breakout room where they can respond to questions and interact with attendees. This will be covered in the training session that all presenters must attend.  

After the conference:

  • Upload the final version of your presentation. This will be made available online for the conference proceedings. A link will be provided to you.

Resources for Your Presentation

New tips for 2020! Giving a presentation has many challenges but now that we are going virtual, there are other things to consider. Here are several resources to help you prepare: